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At BBS Engineering we never lose sight that our clients’ needs come first.

According to Theodore Von Karmen, considered to be one of the great aeronautical scientists of the twentieth century, “The scientist explores what is, the engineer creates what has not been.” At BBS Engineering we are committed to providing effective solutions to dynamic engineering challenges.

Working together with our clients we are able to define the parameters of any project in terms of the expected end result as well as the finances, physical resources, and coordinated scheduling required to get the project completed. As facilitator of this team approach BBS Engineering is able to achieve success with our client’s projects through skillful innovation.

We are committed to our clients throughout the process, and will remain involved after the project is finished to ensure client satisfaction. At BBS Engineering we are committed to contributing to both the engineering community as well as the community at large by creating sustainable, efficient, and functional structures that reflect current advancements in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil, and technology engineering.

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